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* ATI HD2300 driver for Windows 10 x64

Публикувано на 03 януари 2017 в раздел Общи работи.

I did get a hard time making my Panasonic Toughbook CF52 mk1 to work fine under Windows 10. It was the ATI drivers issue – the HD2300 model is missing from the legacy catalyst suit on the AMD website and there were no Microsoft drivers available. Basically there was nothing other than the Vista drivers (not working under Windows 10) available for download online. Tried few modded drivers as well, but it was a no go.

Luckily I managed to find out how to do it!

Method 1. The laptop is working fine under Windows 7 and it do have a Microsoft WDDM driver for ATI HD2300. Windows Upgrade to 10 however will replace it with „Generic Display“ driver which will allow you to use only a limited resolution. Reverting the driver will not work as it will be deleted during the upgrade; HOWEVER you can backup your driver BEFORE upgrading to Windows 10 and then update it manually after the upgrade! Note that the Windows 7 WDDM driver is NOT available on the Windows Catalog for some reason. I have no idea why.

Don’t know how to extract the driver? You can get it from here: download ATI HD2300 Display Driver for Windows 7/10 – WDDM.

Method 2. Download the slightly newer Windows 7 driver which I found using the free version of I hope the non-malware software called „DriverMax“ (not detected as a virus from MalwareBytes and Microsoft Security Essentials. The driver is signed from Microsoft so it should be good to go (not altered by bad guys but again… who knows). Download newer ATI HD2300 Display Driver for Windows 7/10 – not WDDM.

Extra info for CF52 mk1 users: the other problematic driver will be the GOBI 2000 drivers. The standard csagobi2000 package will fix that. All other drivers are installed automatically during the installation of Windows.


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