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* Mournful Congregation top 7

Публикувано на 12 септември 2013 в раздел Музика.

Защо не 10 песни, а само 7 ли? Сами ще оцените колко трудно е като послушате. По случая даже има виц:

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7. As I Drown In Loveless Rain

Floods of tears oppose your beauty
Condoling this love which lay shattered
Never exploring the depths of affection
Broken from rejected devotion

Lamented pleas of my yearning
Ignored while you persist in hurting
Excessive trifling assured this demise
Deploring those vain expectations

Sweeping away pieces of blood red emotion
Uneasily forgotten, reminiscing, drowning in
Dark seas of endless pain
Embodied scenes of your loveless rain

6. A slow march to the burial

Black painted hearse idles slowly
Procession follows at a morbid pace
The pallbearers steady in their march
Befitting this most sacred ceremony

Ornate brass handles clasped
By solemn faced black clad men
Shining black casket lid
Inlaid in crimson silk

In there lies your father, son

A father to a son and a son to a father
Now claimed by the coldest hand of death

Faintest scent of fresh cut white rose petal
Choked by the musty scent of fresh turned earth

Funereal they march, funereal they march
Funereal they march, funeral they march

5. The Monad of Creation

Sun of midnight, burn, flicker, dance with thee
Flaming soul of purity, burn, unite with thy oracle

Beautiful scent of everdark melodies
Cascading thy heavenly fruit

A drop of water descends, becoming thy body
The monad of all elements

The womb of the eternal
The seed of the grand oak

To become again, once nature sought
Return the way we came, yet to tread a separate path
Is to become, again, eternal

Only in spirit shall I grip the tide of nothingness
Stars appear nowhere, their existence paralleled

The symbol of life and death
The totem of something lost
Between mapuantara and pralaya

The monad of creation
The pendont of thy being
A concept of illusion
Not everything is seen

4. Opal Of The Stream Beneath The Hills

It was and shall ever remain
As distant as the stars
For the darker planes and us
Lie and sin embrace beauty
Together and alone are one
Of hope and destiny

Foretold of the symbol
Brought forth by wings
And carried to the land
Beneath the hills

It’s opaque vibrations
Mesmerize and reveal
A reflection of heaven

Those prophetic ones
Standing amongst age old trees
And their monuments
So great is the power
Those ancient woods shall prevail

3. Empirical Choirs

The voice of a choir, echoes unto me
With resplendence, a passage of moonlight
Trickles slowly across the forest floor
Through many branches, reaching out to the stars
I gaze, I wander through the vastness
Of the nightshade, desiring nothing
A journey of darkening begins
Immersed pleasures must cease
Forbearers behold
Our divine descent hath turned
And the retrieval of purity
Within my heart shall become

2. Remembrance Of The Transcending Moon

A mountain of harmony peaking with vibrance
In the firmament of non-being
Gathering mist and drawing mystic essence
And bleeding its golden blood

Remembrance of the transcending moon
Pakle, tranquil, distand…
And further…

Dejected life force enflaming the venlif act
Of the downward stream
Currents pulsate in an everflowing interchanging aura
Dissipating humanic awe

1. The Bitter Veils of Solemnity

Crystal elixir, laps at far distant shores
Pastel-grey plumes, lick at mountainous peaks
Oceanic depths swell is disrupt

Sands from long lost age, upheave restlessly
Pain, its grey hues permeate cosmos
Divine hierarchies cry piteous bellows

Stand Witness to sorrow, stand witness to pain
Bitter are the veils, and solemn the oath
Does gnosis seek man, or does man seek gnosis

Few shall peer beyond the veils
When materia proceeds to melt away


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